Tree Planting in South Portland, ME

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Professional Tree Planting Services for Healthy Trees

arborist planting a tree in south portland maine

If you’re considering planting new trees on your property in South Portland, ME or a neighboring city, you should consult a certified arborist for the job. It is vital that each tree is planted correctly and in a safe place. A certified arborist will ensure that this happens so that your trees can live a long, healthy life.

At Black Fern Tree Service, we provide professional tree planting services in the South Portland area. From delivering the trees and digging the holes, to placing the trees and properly backfilling the holes with healthy soil, our team of certified arborists will handle the project every step of the way. That means you can relax while knowing that your new trees have a strong life ahead of them.

What Are the Best Types of Trees to Plant in South Portland, ME?

If you’re interested in planting new trees on your property in South Portland, ME or a nearby city, consider the following types of trees:

  • Spruce – A large, straight tree with needles; great for privacy when a few are planted in a row.
  • Maple – A large tree with leaves that make for beautiful foliage in the fall; grows faster than most trees and can provide pure maple if properly tapped.
  • Birch – A medium-sized tree that grows quick; its white bark makes for a beautiful sight, especially during the winter months with snow on the ground.
  • Oak – A large tree that also makes for great fall foliage; provides food and shelter to various birds, butterflies and more.
  • Cedar – A large, strong tree that requires little maintenance to live years through the harshest Maine winters; provides privacy and windbreak when multiple are planted in a row.

Regardless of the type(s) of tree(s) you want to plant, your property will be in great hands with our team of experts. Curious about how much it will cost to have new trees professionally planted? Call us today at 207-712-8687 for a free estimate on tree planting services in South Portland, ME and the surrounding area.

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